About Us

Ever since its emergence in 1961 our company Thaker Felts Pvt. Ltd. (Earlier known as Gujarat Woollen Felts Mills, GWFM) has grown and specialized in felt production. By constantly updating our production facilities with latest state of the art machinery and with technical competence of a German consultant, we have not only increased our production capacity but have also diversified our product range to satisfy the demanding requirements of our customer in domestic and international markets.

Exports to USA, UK, EEC, AFRICA and ASIAN countries make up 70% of our total turnover.

Today we rank among one of the prominent enterprise engaged in the production of a wide variety of felt and felt products like Felt Rolls, Felt Sheets, Wheels, Web Felts, Colour Felts and Components such as Gaskets, Lubricants, Retainer Rings, Nibs, Felt Mouldcaps, Decorative Felt items and Felt Buffing Mounts. On the continuous path of progress a quality management system as per international standard like ASTM, SAE, DIN & BSI applies to our products as well as our processes.